InnDEA Valencia examines the city’s needs for the Public Procurement of Innovation

The procedure of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), seen as an important instrument of innovation policy, allows public authorities to encourage R+D+I processes and also the research of innovative solutions responding to the needs of the citizens.  InnDEA Valencia has examined the city’s needs to seek solutions by the Public Procurement of Innovation: energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption are number one on the agenda for Valencia, ACCENT second pilot city.

InnDEA is identifying needs in many fields, such as city’s consumption and energy efficiency, the quality of life in the elderly, the firefighter safety at work, or the protection of the Albufera Natural Park.
InnDEA Valencia is promoting a line of action to ensure the City Council of Valencia strengthens the Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), funded 80% by the Ministry of Economy with ERDF funds. The PPI allows public authorities, firstly, to identify the city’s needs and thereafter to begin a research process of the innovative idea or solution. This will stimulate the R+D+I and generate occupation in order that the public authority purchases the good or service created during the process. “Public Procurement of Innovations seeks to increase innovation by public procurement, allows public authorities to purchase innovative goods or services that are recently introduced in the market”, said Jordi Peris, Councillor for Innovation and Knowledge Management and Vice-President of InnDEA Valencia. Moreover, Valencia City Council takes part in a PPI control group in Red Innpulso, a government agency of which it is a member.

To this end, InnDEA Valencia has initiated an exploration in Valencia in order to find the challenges and needs requiring goods or services and which provide solutions using innovation. “This is a cross-cutting work that InnDEA Valencia technical staff carries out jointly with the municipal services of several councils”, Peris explains.


The main challenge identified relates to the reduction of energy consumption and improvements in energy efficiency. ACCENT platform, now being tested by Valencia municipality, is supporting the city to identify priority areas for action.  Valencia also joins the EU-funded CEPPI project, focused on developing and strengthening capacity in cities on how to achieve more sustainable energy solutions through a pro-innovation procurement approach. To this end, the project involves 5 cities —Birmingham (UK), Castellón de la Plana and Valencia (Spain), Budapest (Hungary) and Wroclaw (Poland) — with which it is implementing a training program aimed, in a short period of time, at providing public officials essential knowledge in the design and implementation of public procurement processes to improve energy efficiency of cities. Further, InnDEA Valencia is in contact with the Municipal Sports Foundation in order to study how to reduce energy consumption in its facilities.


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