ACCENT co-designes its services with end users

Since its very first phase, ACCENT project has involved future users to co-design an energy planning tool that matches users needs. During the second quarter of 2016, demo sessions of ACCENT with service providers were run in Paris and Bologna.

In the demo sessions, the tool current services and planned developments were presented and participants were invited to react in an interactive session.

The complete set of functionalities provided in ACCENT permit various type of companies to consider the tool relevant for their activities : property managers, investors and developers; consulting firms; network developers; delegated project owner; social housing corporations, etc.

Three main types of use appeared the most interesting for the involved audience:

  • Localize the best areas/buildings to develop their business
  • Manage the energy efficiency of a building stock and plan its renovation
  • Study the neighborhood of a local project at a glance

In Paris, the majority of people attending the workshops considered that ACCENT could help them save some time in their activity, prioritize their actions and investments and identify new opportunities. In Bologna, participants highlighted that the widening of ACCENT services towards the industry sector could be a major line of potential development. These feedbacks will permit ACCENT team to fine-tune its functionalities.


Workshop in Bologna
Part of ACCENT workshop in Bologna




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