The latest pilot city testing the ACCENT tool is Valencia

During the last months the ACCENT team has been working on the implementation of ACCENT tool for the pilot city of Valencia. The Spanish partners, IVE and InnDEA, together with Valencia City provided complementary data necessary to adapt the tool to the Spanish context and more especially to Valencia. Data supplied was based mainly on statistics provided by the municipality at the city’s scale, as for example : energy systems efficiency, energy sources used and energy mix, rate of renovation, information on typologies of buildings, etc.

Other complementary data had been gathered through the participation of IVE in the EPISCOPE project, in which a survey of potential energy savings for the Valencia Region was made, disaggregated by climatic zones.

IVE and InnDEA had been also working for the dissemination of ACCENT platform through their participation in different events in the frame of Smart cities, Covenant of Mayors, ICT use and energy efficiency, as the ones referenced below:

  • Smart Cities Think Tank, 30th March, Valencia.
  • Vision2020: The Horizon Network, 30th June, Valencia
  • Practical workshop H2020 on Safe, Clean and Efficient Energy, 7th July, Valencia.
  • The Sustainable City 2016 Conference, 14th July, Alicante.
  • Covenant of Mayors webinar, “Using ICT to deliver energy efficiency in cities”, 23th July, Belgium.
  • Esri Conference 2016 , 27th October , Madrid.

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