“Thinking the city”: ACCENT project &tool presented in Valencia, Spain

On 16th December, 2015 took place in Valencia the technical conference dedicated to “Thinking the city: diagnostic tools for integrated urban regeneration”, organized by ACCENT’s partner IVE, Valencian Institute of Building. The objective of the event was the analysis and evaluation of different diagnostic and urban planning tools on the urban reality and its potential to set out efficient and integrated strategies for urban regeneration.

The conference was an occasion to present ACCENT project and allowed the Valencian Institute of Buildings to show the platform that is being developed thereunder to a large number of representatives of municipalities and public administrations as well as all those professionals linked to the field of urbanism and urban regeneration sector.

The event confirmed the importance of GIS-based systems amongst urban planning tools, which allow visualising a lot of information from the existing urban reality, and that facilitate the analysis of the city, buildings and population conditions, in order to develop policies that suit to the existing needs, especially on energy efficiency and rehabilitation.

Besides, renowned specialists in the field of rehabilitation and urban regeneration presented their experiences from other perspectives, attending to multi criteria indicator systems, incorporating citizens’ participation mechanisms or intervening under gender perspective.

For the presentations, photos and agenda of the conference click here

Have also a look at the video and at the publication deriving from the conference


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